We specialize in Antique Cabinet Locks. Generally we are able to produce a key for your existing lock (even if it is locked) Sometimes these old locks just stop working, or are broken. When you need to replace a lock, we carry a small selection of the more common sizes. If we do not stock the particular size you need, we can special order it for you. The pictures below shows you some sizes of the more common drawer locks that you would find on Antique Cabinets.
Width= 1-1/2"
Depth= 1-1/4"
Case Depth= 3/8"
Distance to Pin= 1/2"
Width= 2"
Depth= 1-1/2"
Case Depth= 7/16"
Distance to Pin= 5/8"
Width= 2-1/2"
Depth= 1-7/8"
Case Depth= 7/16"
Distance to Pin= 3/4"
Width= 3"
Depth= 1-7/8"
Case Depth= 1/2"
Distance to Pin= 3/4"

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