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SE Lock and Key, LLC uses a restricted ASSA keyway for stricter Key Control. This keyway is only available through SE Lock and Key, LLC, and all persons requiring duplicate keys made will be required to have their signature on file with us as owners/managers of the system, and provide proper identification. There are ZERO exceptions.

ASSA is currently in use in many of Madison/Ridgeland Neighborhood Clubhouse's and Pools/Tennis Courts. If you are a member to a Neighborhood Association and need duplicate keys made, you will only be able to get the key made through the management of the Association.

We use dedicated Key Machines for ASSA key duplication, proprietary sidebars for stricter key control, and have years of experience installing and servicing ASSA locking systems.

Click here to view a sample ASSA Installation on a Pool Gate

ASSA 6000 Series Deadbolt in Bright Brass Finish The ASSA 6000 Series deadbolt is designed to withstand any form of physical attack including drilling, prying, driving, or pulling. Its free spinning guard collars protect it from pipe wrenching while its hardened inserts guard against drilling. The 6000 comes equipped with the ASSA Hardhat to protect it from outside through-the-door attacks known as "ice picking."

ASSA Key in Knob Lock. ASSA's key-in-knob and key-in-lever type cylinders provide the ultimate in high security retrofit for a variety of leading lockset manufacturers including Sargent, Arrow, Corbin-Russwin, Yale, and Schlage.

ASSA Mortise Cylinders

ASSA provides a full line of Mortise Cylinders designed to retrofit into most leading lock manufacturers' locksets and exit devices including Sargent, Arrow, Schlage, Yale, Corbin-Russwin, Best, and Von Duprin. This is also a popular type of lock used on Glass Storefront Doors.

These mortise cylinders also adapt for Rim Cylinder use on Panic Bars/Exit Devices, Alarm Key Boxes, Detex Units, and many other applications.

When possible Mortise Cylinder Installation is accompanied by Mortise Cylinder Guards
by Major or Keedex. Pry Plates and Reinforcement plates can also be added to Glass Storefront doors. Please visit our Storefront Doors page for more information.

ASSA  Cam Lock ASSA High Security Auxiliary Locks utilize the same high security features and master keying capabilities as our other products plus allowing for innumerable uses and applications. We offer high quality cam locks, window locks, and cabinet locks.

ASSA Padlocks are constructed of the highest quality components and are capable of withstanding the most relentless forms of physical attack.

The Number 2 padlock features a body made of chrome plated extruded brass with a rust resistant case hardened steel shackle.

The Number 3 padlock features both a case hardened steel body and shackle capable of standing up to more than 3 1/2 tons of force. The locking mechanism utilizes two case hardened steel balls and there are no external rivets or screws.

Each model has weep holes for positive water drainage and protection from ice buildup.

These Padlocks are excellent for use on Hunting Camp Gates and Entrances. Maintain your key control by utilizing ASSA padlocks on those lease lands, and private camps. We have seen these padlocks stand up to years of use and abuse. When they do wear out, or get destroyed in some way you just get your new padlock keyed up to match all the keys already out.

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