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We are able to come repair damage from break ins the day it is discovered. Whether it be a wood, steel, or glass door we can come and assess your needs, repair some types of damage with cover plates, and replace locks that have been forced open. If a security upgrade is needed we will talk to you about it prior to work being done and advise you the best way to proceed with the work and the best product that will meet your needs.

We can get you secured before the end of the day in all cases!
Below is an example of a Commercial Steel Door that had a residential grade lock on it.

The burglars used a crowbar to pry their way past the latch. We were able to come in and rebend the metal back enough so that a wrap around steel plate could cover the damage and reinforce the door. We also installed a Commercial Grade through bolted lock, and Anti Pry Plate to keep intruders from performing the same attack as easily as they did before. The owners were saved the expense of replacing the door which could have easily been over 1000 dollars.

We were able to come in and save the owners of this business a costly replacement for their doors, however we wish we had been able to install all of this PRIOR to the theives breaking in and stealing the companies safe (and quite a bit of money to boot). It is entirely posssible that by having secure locks and pry protection in place, the thieves may have been delayed or even prevented from getting in. (at least through this door)

This is just one level/grade of protection that was added to the door. It could have been even more heavily fortified, but we feel with the circumstances surrounding this actual robbery it was a good start in upgrading their door security. An ideal solution for this door to have even more security would be a panic bar type device, along with a high security cylinder keyed lock. The cost could easily reach 600-1000 dollars for this so many don't want to invest in that kind of security, even after a break in occurs.

Thieves go for the path of least resistance, and by installing heavier locks and the plate we took this path off the easy list.

There were many other factors that made this door become a target.

The cutoff for the phone line was right outside, and not really secured.
The door is not in plain view of a traveled road.
It is in a out of the way area that is not frequently traveled at night.
Bushes were grown up heavily around the area, thus giving a more concealed place to perform the break in.

For your own security you must look at your business security BEFORE the unexpected happens. Have a plan in place for when a emergency occurs. Do not become "complacent" in your everyday actions. Thieves watch for routines, and strike when they know noone will be around.

Call us for detailed information on how to upgrade your doors security.


We keep many replacement commercial locks and parts to be able to cover most anyones needs for break in repairs immediately. If we do not have a certain part on hand we can substitute something until we get your product in and installed.

We want to get you secured so you are comfortable going home that night!


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