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Cabinet Locks Installed

Wooden Desk Locks available Keyed Alike or Different- Round Base and Diamond Base available in 7/8" or 1 1/8" Length

CompX Desk Applications

Brass Pin Tumbler Plunger Locks

  • Available Keyed Alike or Different
  • Solid Brass Lock Body
  • Push in or Push and Turn function available
  • Includes Strike Plate or Strike Cup depending on model
  • Includes two original National (CompX) Keys
  • Used on many different styles of Sliding Door Display Cabinets

Please call SE Lock and Key, LLC to help you secure your display cabinets.
Don't make it easy for the thieves to get in your cabinets unnoticed!
We have many different styles of locks that can be installed on cabinets and drawers. Don't let some tell you it cannot be locked up! Let us give it a go before you give up hope on securing your cabinets.

Push In Display Lock
Push and Turn Display Lock
Compx C8475 Flat Steel Lock
CompX C8410 Flat Steel Lock
Cabinet Knob Lock- Commonly found on glass and metal Medical Cabinets We can come out and replace or repair the locks on Metal Medical Storage cabinets that use the turn knob shown here. The plate attaches to locking bars that engage the top and bottom of the cabinet when locked.

These cabinets are in heavy use in the areas major hospitals and we have plenty of experience in maintaining and working on these locks.

Please check with your internal department for issuance of Work Orders/PO's to have us come help you get these locks operable
Cam Lock mounting on Wood Cabinet
CompX Cam Lock

Cam Locks

Available in lengths from 3/8" all the way to 2" for a variety of thickness materials

Supplied with two keys and can be keyed alike or different or masterkeyed

Includes different cams for 1/4 turn or 1/2 turn applications

Finishes available- Chrome, Brass, and Dark Brown

Includes two different tailpieces for different cabinet door designs

Timberline Locking Mechanism
Timberline Locks Serviced and Keyed

We sell and service all CompX Timberline Desk and Cabinet Locks

We can rekey and service these locks. Key your cabinets alike for greater convienance

Timberline Locking Mechanism

Corbin Antique Cabinet Lock
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