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Filing Cabinets
We service and sell many brands of Filing Cabinet Locks. CompX sells many replacement varieties of Filing Cabinet locks.
If you have lost your keys to your filing cabinet many times we can supply you a new key by the code stamped on the front of the lock. You will need to bring proof of ownership of the cabinet into our shop with a valid drivers license to get keys made for filing cabinets.

Anderson Hickey, Hon, Fireking, Shaw Walker, Steelcase, Cheapo' Chinese
National Filing Cabinet Locks

Chicago Filing Cabinet Locks
Chicago Filing Cabinet Locks

Various filing cabinet lock kits we usually stock. These are aftermarket kits that retrofit many Hon and Steelcase cabinets with similar locks. Usually the only reason to have to replace the whole assemblies shown in the pictures below of the pop out style filing cabinet locks is if it got damaged in some way or cracked. The lock cylinder itself can be replaced if the housing is in good condition, and you simply have the problem of a jammed lock or key or if where the key goes in is worn out or damaged.

SRS 2194 Long Pop Out Filing Cabinet Lock from SRS 2194 Long Pop Out Filing Cabinet Lock from
SRS 2194 Long Shell Pop Out Style Filing Cabinet Lock
SRS 2194 Long Pop Out Filing Cabinet Lock from

SRS 2190 Short Shell Pop Out Style Filing Cabinet Lock (below) We have never actually seen the large W shaped spring shown used in a cabinet so do not be alarmed if that is not in your cabinet.
SRS 2190 Short Pop Out Filing Cabinet Lock from

Mouse Over Image to see both sides of the Instructions for the long style pop out lock
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SRS 2190 Pop Out Filing Cabinet Lock

SRS 2185

This lock is used on Hon and Global Style Filing Cabinets. The bar that attaches to the lock loops (with plier force) around the tab of the locking bar that lifts up or down to lock/unlock the cabinet. Some cabinets come without the lock cylinder and a small "double D" tab of metal that can be knocked out and this lock installed. If you remove (or open the top drawer as far as possible) and find a metal bar along the inside right wall that you can move up and down with your hand that is the locking bar for the drawers. There are two different style of this lock (two different bars) and it depends on the manufacturer and date of manufacture.
The other lock image is coming soon

Below is the knockout shape that you are looking for on the top right of the frame of the cabinet. It does require some teeth gritting to get the bar in the picture on correctly and bent around the tab. but its not that bad of a task. The most difficult part is the angle that you have to work in
Additional Protection: ABUS File Bars
Boost the security of your Filing Cabinet with these File Bars that use any padlock (we recomend Abus or American)
Much higher security than factory lock, changing locks is as easy as replacing or rekeying your padlock
Excellent for cabinets with damaged locking components

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