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Please visit the Keedex Website for full product information. Below are Keedex products that we install on customer doors for extra security. Please visit our Storefront Door page for more details on upgrading Glass Doors with Keedex Products.

Mortise Cylinder Guard Rings increase your key locks security. Installation is easy and inexpensive on most applications
Door Cylinder Guards

Most doors sold and installed today are aluminum. Using these plates from Keedex you can increase the resistance to forced entry. The Keedex K-15 Double Door Style Guard is perfect for double door installations. The Keedex K-20 Offset Style Guard is used on many single door applications. The K-17 Security Guide and Bolt is for the inactive leaf of your double doors (the side without the key lock on it) concealed throw bolts at the top and bottom.

Keedex K-15, Keedex K-20, Keedex K-17

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