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Locks Rekeyed
Our Largest Service!
Schlage Lock Cylinder
We can come to your home or business and change your existing locks to a new key for a fraction of the price of new locks!

Almost all residential and commercial locks have the capability of being rekeyed, which involves a process of taking out the pins inside of a locks cylinder, and replacing them with different pins that match up to a new set of keys. This renders your old keys useless for your doors, and you now will have a new set of original keys. We can furnish you with however many copies you need for your locks.

All of our keys are cut in house, and our machines are calibrated weekly to ensure exact tolerances to manufacturer specifications. Whether you need just a couple of new keys or 500 copies, we can help you out.

If you wish to save the expense of having a locksmith come to your home, you can always remove the lock cylinders from your doors and bring them to our shop at 3003 N. State Street in Jackson, MS during normal business hours to have them rekeyed.

While we are rekeying your locks at your home or business, we will notify you if anything needs to be repaired, replaced, or upgraded. Often there are several minor repairs that need to be done to doors, locks, and strikes, and while we are at your location we can immediately spot problems (or future problems) with your hardware or home/business security.

Door and ground shifting is a major problem in our area, and we have a lot of expertise in dealing with it. Let us make that door easier to lock, instead of you lifting and fighting with it.

We can also upgrade your cylinders, if you wish, for an extra small charge per cylinder rekey. On cylinders that do not already have spool pins installed, we will install new brass springs, and replace all the top pins with spool pins which makes the cylinder considerably more resistant to bypass than normal pins. We will also modify the cylinder in such a way that will make picking and other methods of entry without a key (such as bumping) very difficult to do.

While these modifications will not keep the true criminal out, it will hamper the "casual" hobbyists, and teenagers that are up to no good. Modifications such as this are really only effective on locks that already have tight tolerances, and are above average quality with examples being Schlage Locksmith Commercial Grade, Sargent, Corbin, Yale, and several others.

Schlage Rekeying Lock

Need Higher Security?
The most advisable way to deter illegal bypass is to install High Security Lock cylinders, which are designed to resist bypass, as well as give you key control. Please see our Products page-ASSA or Scorpion- for more information on the High Security Lock cylinders we sell and install.

All homes and business's should be on a high security lock system. There is no excuse for not knowing who has your keys, and access to your belongings. Many people shrug when you try and talk security with them, as they feel "that's what they pay insurance for" but for those that feel this way, please be advised that an insurance company will usually not pay claims if there is no sign of forced entry, and by having standard "big box store" locks on your house you are opening yourself up for that exact situation. Be proactive! If you own a 54 flat screen plasma tv, and have a 10 dollar lock on your house then something is wrong.

Call us today so we can come assess your situation and see what doors/areas need upgrading. You may already have locks on your home that can be converted to use for high security, and if not we offer different pricing levels and grades of locks for you to consider. No sales pressure involved during quotes, we will just advise you what we feel would be best for your particular situation. You schedule the job when you want.

Schlage with Scorpion Cylinder Installed
While many advertise High Security Solutions in various ads, SE Lock and Key, LLC adheres to strict guidelines within the industry

  • We sell keys/locks that are restricted to our store only in a geographic area. Our territory is well protected, no other locksmiths can get the keys we use
  • We carefully monitor the number of keys that are sold
  • We ID and signature match customers who come in to have keys made, no exceptions
  • Notify owners of systems when someone tries to have keys made without authorization
  • We have years of experience selling, installing, and maintaining these locks.

Call or stop by our office on North State Street in Jackson, MS to discuss getting your keys and locks under control in whatever way you wish!
If we can manage millions of our own and others keys, we can certainly straighten your issue out
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