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Please Read-For Your Own Safety & Security


Unfortunately there are many companies that advertise themselves as locksmiths with full and half page ads in the Jackson area phone books. They advertise everything from Lock Rekeying to High Security Locks. Please BEWARE companies such as these, as we have seen MANY instances of shoddy work, carelessness, and utter lack of concern for peoples belongings, and properties as far as securing their exterior doors. We have seen examples such as pins within the locks being left out (seemingly on purpose), locks not installed correctly, copies of Walmart and Home Depot made keys being given to the customer under the pretense that they made the keys themselves, and even (unbelievably) doors being left unsecured blaming supposed "distributors" for not having or being out of a replacement (that is usually readily available from true locksmith distributors).

SE LOCK AND KEY, LLC is a true security based company that performs all work to the utmost precision that we can. If we are unable to help you with any given task to 100% perfection we will inform you and not do the work. We have spent years perfecting the jobs that we advertise we can do, and do not participate in the false advertising tricks other companies do to get business.

We are here to get and KEEP your business, not just take your money and run. We stand behind all the work we perform. We have a business location that you can physically come to if you have a problem.

Our company does not shop at local home improvement stores such as Lowes or Home Depot for keys, or locks.

We cut all our own keys on expensive locksmith equipment so that it meets manufacturer tolerances (which copies of walmart keys most definitely do not).

We order all of our locks and supplies through companies that ONLY sell to legitimate locksmith companies.

All employees of SE Lock (including owners) are background checked through local and federal agencies on a yearly basis. We take NO chances with your safety and security.

If you think you have been the victim of a company that has performed poor work, please call us for a security review of your property. We will be glad to come out and show you how the work should be done the correct way (charges will apply).


Good Recommendations:

Ask your friends, family, neighbors, or business associates for the name of the Locksmith they use. This is one of the best ways to make a choice, as they wouldn't refer someone unless they were familiar with the company.

DO NOT rely on full page ads in telephone books. Phone book companies do absolutely NO checking to see if a company is where they are listed or even if they are a true company. Relying on phone book ads is THE WORST way to pick a locksmith company. Many of the full page ads are paid for by out of state corporations (that are merely marketing companies, or scam companies) that hires anyone they can to perform the work with no training or verification of background.

MS is not a state that requires licensing (or anything for that matter) to become or operate a locksmith business. If you ask a MS locksmith if they are licensed, and they reply yes, that usually means they have a drivers license. There is no formal licensing in MS.

Make sure the Locksmith is Insured. Once again, the only insurance a company has to have is liability on their vehicle just like anyone else, especially ones that operate mobile business's, so just by asking if the company is insured will get you an answer that "skirts" the real truth.

BE VERY SUSPICOUS of a Locksmith Company that doesn't check your identification prior to working on replacing car keys, or letting you into your home or business. If they didn't check your ID, do you think they would check the person that wants to break into your house while you are out of town? No...

If the locksmith company advertises a physical location, ask if you can visit that location to get keys made, and have work done.

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